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Canon imagePRO 560
Canon imagePRO 560

Product Description

PROFESSIONAL from Photo to Print
The best printers Canon has engineered, distinguished by a bold red line, the imagePROGRAF PRO-560 is designed to bring outstanding large format photo print quality to professional photographers and fine art specialists.
  • 1 roll with 2nd roll option
  • 1524mm (60”)
  • 12 colour LUCIA PRO pigment ink
  • 320 GB hard drive
  • WiFi-Functionality
  • USB Direct Printing

LUCIA PRO Pigment Ink & Chroma  Optimiser 

LUCIA PRO pigment ink is newly developed for the imagePROGRAF PRO series to deliver printing with a wide colour gamut, excellent colour expression, superior dark area reproduction, low graininess, and good gloss characteristics.

imagePROGRAF PRO series printers use transparent Chroma Optimiser ink to improve high quality print performance on gloss papers.


Crystal-fidelity Output Quality

The full structure, clarity and texture of photographs shot using Canon’s EOS digital cameras can be faithfully reproduced on paper, in unique Crystal-fidelity quality, using Canon’s Print Studio Pro plug-in


Great Selection of Software

An optional dual roll unit can be added, providing either additional paper roll or as a media take-up unit for printed output. Media take-up can be performed with the printed surface either on the inside or on the outside.



  • 2nd Roll Unit RU-61
  • Roll Holder Set 60" RH2-65

Ink Cartridges

  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Blue (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Chroma Optimiser (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Cyan (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Gray (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Magenta (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Matte Black (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Photo Black (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Photo Cyan (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Photo Gray (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Photo Magenta (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Red (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-51 Yellow (160ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Blue (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Chroma Optimiser (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Cyan (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Gray (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Magenta (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Matte Black (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Photo Black (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Photo Cyan (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Photo Gray (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Photo Magenta (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Red (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-53 Yellow (330ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Blue (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Chroma Optimiser (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Cyan (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Gray (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Magenta (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Matte Black (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Photo Black (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Photo Cyan (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Photo Gray (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Photo Magenta (700ml)
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Red (700ml)    
  • Ink Tank PFI-57 Yellow (700ml)    
  • Maintenance Cartridge MC-30
  • Print Head PF-10
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