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Founded in July of 1984 by Mr. A.T. Cheong PIS, AT Group has grown tremendously in construction industry. Syarikat A.T. Cheong initial with land surveying business, which is the core business of AT Group.
Admired of its continuous growth in construction industry, AT Group planned to develop its business in others construction-related business. A. T. Plan Copy Centre & Stationery was established in 1996 to support construction’s printing business. This division was created to minimize the printing cost of AT Group, as well as capture more business segment in construction industry. A. T. Plan & Printing Pte Ltd was further established in Singapore in year 2016 and it provide a new blueprint of the business.
In the year of 2006, A&T Technical Solutions was established to provide industrial supply solutions services to construction companies. This business division is aggressively providing technical solutions for industrial set up. We design and build many solutions and method for our end customer in the area of production set up, as well as anti-counterfeit system.
In the direction of enhancing our strength in printing business, ATP Sales & Services Sdn Bhd is covering the technical and sales support to our values customers. While AT Group is tactically appointed as official partner of Canon, Hewlett Packard, Kumpulan Lingo, we are supporting principals especially in Johor.
In the year of 2018, A&T Technical Solutions Sdn Bhd was approved by Bank Negara Malaysia for Money Changing & Remittance business.
Copyright © 2021 AT Group | Plotter Johor Bahru (JB)